About IDNS

What is IDNS?

Interior Designers of Nova Scotia (IDNS) is a professional association of registered Interior Designers.

From its beginning in 1975, IDNS has promoted the profession of interior design. Its members are also affiliated with Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). An act passed by the Nova Scotia Legislature limits the use of the title “Interior Designer” to registered members of IDNS.

IDNS is committed to the advancement of the interior design profession. It is the association’s mandate to promote and support both the interests of the public and the interior design industry. IDNS strives to;

  • Protect the health, safety and well-being of the general public
  • Develop and maintain standards of practice of interior design
  • Encourage excellence in interior design
  • Provide courses for the continuing professional development of interior designers
  • Uphold the Code of Ethics for the professional practice of interior design
  • Promote and extend the profession of interior design by providing a liaison between the profession and the public

Act, Regulations & Bylaws

The following links will guide you to the official Government of Nova Scotia Interior Designers Act and the Government of Nova Scotia Interior Designers Regulations.

Nova Scotia Legislation

The practice and use of the title of Interior Designer is restricted in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Legislature proclaimed the Interior Designers Act in October 2004 and amended in 2011. This act governs the practice of Interior Design, and the use of the title Interior Designer.