(Registered, Non-Resident Registered, Intern & Student)

Listed below are the only membership categories that have fees calculated pro rata to what month your initial membership fees commences.  (NB: Allied, Retired and Inactive membership categories are not pro rata and will pay 100% of membership fee.)

Tick the membership category with the month in which you are submitting your initial membership fee; fill out the Cardholder or Bank account details and submit your payment.

  • Jan – Mar : 100% fee
  • Apr – Jun : Pro rata fee by 75%
  • Jul – Sep : Pro rata fee by 50%
  • Oct – Dec : Pro rata fee by 25%

Thereafter, all membership fees are renewed annually by 1st January each year.

All fees for all categories are non-refundable. If a member wishes to terminate membership, no refund will be provided.  If member changes categories within 6 months of the billable date, a credit of 50% of their paid IDNS portion of the fees will be applied to the new category fees, less a $50 processing fee.