New Membership : Application Form
Allied, Intern, Non-Resident, Registered & Student

Below is the new membership application form for you to complete.
It is a lengthy application, therefore, a SAVE & RESUME LATER link at the bottom of the form is available should you need to return later to complete. To save & resume later as many times as you need, scroll to the end of the form, enter your email address to receive a link or you can copy and save the link given.

Before commencing with your membership application,
please review our Membership categories, outlined criteria & annual fees to ensure you are up to date with all requirements and amendments.


Refer to IDNS Regulations for the qualifications for each category. Please note that IDNS, NSAA or APENS membership is a requirement to practice Interior Design within the province of Nova Scotia.


Please provide employment details for the past FIVE years:


If current employment is less than FIVE years, please provide previous employment history:


For application approval, the Association requires OFFICIAL transcripts of education records.


NCIDQ CERTIFICATION (applicable to Registered & Non-Resident Registered only)

If you are applying for either a Registered or Non-Resident Registered membership you are required to upload here your NCIDQ certificate.

CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS (applicable for Registered, Non-Resident & Intern only)

Applicants acknowledge that Registered, Non-Resident Registered and Intern members are required to satisfy the continuing education (CEU) requirements specified by the International Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and IDNS to qualify for annual renewal of their IDNS membership registration as described in the IDNS By-Laws.

Reporting cycles are three years and IDCEC transcripts must be submitted annually.

SUPERVISED WORK EXPERIENCE (applicable for Intern only)


Registered and Non-Resident Registered members are required to have liability insurance as outlined in the Regulations, Section 37 & 38. If applicant does not have insurance at the time of application, any acceptance into the Association will be pending proof of insurance.

Please upload a copy of Insurance Certificate here.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.


(Please provide details of other Professional Memberships or Organisations)



(Please provide two professional referrals for your application; preferably a Member of IDNS or NSAA)


I hereby make application for membership in the Association of Interior Designers of Nova Scotia (IDNS). If accepted, I agree to abide by the Act, Regulations and By-Laws of this Association and accept any decisions of the Board of Directors.

I hereby grant IDNS to request and obtain information related to my education, current and past employment and any association membership records and other information that is required for the purposes of applying to IDNS for membership.

I hereby authorize IDNS and its officers, directors, panel members, employees and agents (the above designated parties) to review my application and determine my eligibility to become a member of IDNS. I authorize the above designated parties to contact any state/provincial and fenderal authorities, employers and others to confirm the information contained in my application to become a member of IDNS.

I agree to cooperate promptly and fully in any review of my application; including submitting such documents and information deemed necessary to confirm the information in my application.

I hereby waive all claims against IDNS arising out of my application and my information in the membershp application, including (but not limited to) claims arising out of (a) any release of information to state/provincial and fenderal authorities, licensing boards, employers and others and (ii) any investigation and review of my application.

Clear Signature


Applications will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt of application fee, all required forms and documentations.  Any information that is missing or not submitted could cause delays in the review. If an applicant is accepted, a letter will be issued along with an invoice for the annual membership dues.  A list of the annual dues can be found on the IDNS website on the membership application page.  Membership will commence upon receipt of paymnet of dues and proof of liability insurance.

If your membership is accepted, please confirm below, your consent to receive email communications from IDNS. These communications from IDNS include email notices of meetings, seminars, social functions and other association related events and issues. By agreeing to the consent below, you also agree that IDNS can list your name, address, phone number and email address on their website under the membeship listing.

Please provide below the following information you wish to be entered on IDNS' website membership listing upon acceptance to the Association:

Type here how you would like for your name to be shown on IDNS website members listing.
Include all codes e.g. +1 902 555 1234
Include all codes e.g. +1 902 555 1234


How would you like to pay the administration fee ($35) to process your application?

(PLEASE NOTE: to assist with bank charges, a processing fee of 3% will be added against credit card or direct bank account transactions.