New Membership : Payment

(Pro rata calculated fee for period : January to March)

IDNS offer a pro-rata fee structure for Registered, Non-Resident & Intern memberships only whereupon the annual fee is calculated accordingly from the month an application has been approved.  Percentage breakdown of how the pro rata fees are calculated as follows – January to March : 100% fee;  April to June : 75% fee;  July to September : 50% fee; October to December : 25% fee.

Membership Annual Fees:
(inclusive HST 15%)

Allied Member ($253.00)
Inactive Member ($201.25)
Intern Member ($253.00)
Non-Resident Registered Member ($552.00)
Registered Member (552.00)
Student Member ($28.75)

Pro rata fees for period
January to March:

Allied Member : $220.00 + HST $33.00 = $253.00
Inactive Member : $175.00 + HST $26.25 = $201.25
Intern Member : $220.00 + HST $33.00 = $253.00
Non-Resident Registered Member : $480.00 + HST $72.00 = $552.00
Registered Member :  $480.00 + HST $72.00 = $552.00
Student Member : $25.00 + HST $3.75 = $28.75

Thereafter, all membership fees are renewed annually by 5th January each year.

All fees for all categories are non-refundable. If a member wishes to terminate membership, no refund will be provided.
If a member changes category within 6 months of the billable date, a credit of 50% of their paid portion of the fee will be applied to the new category fee, less a $50 processing fee.

Please choose one of the following methods of payment:

* Mail a Cheque payable to Interior Designers of Nova Scotia.  Address: PO Box 2042, Central Station, Halifax, NS B3J 2Z1,  or
* Send by email a bank online E-transfer to email address: treasurer@idns.caPassword: renewal or
* Scroll down to pay by a Credit Card or directly from a Bank Account Withdrawal

To assist with bank charges, a processing fee of 3% will be added to a payment made
via a credit card or direct bank withdrawal against any membership fee

A $50 fee will be assessed for all cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds.